Summer in Europe has been known to be fantastic for a long time. Fans from all over the world flock to the continent to share and enjoy music, courtesy of Europe’s electrifying music scene. Our removals guy is always going to music festivals. Hundreds of music festivals covering everything from hip-hop, electric, pop, and rock, to classical music, go down yearly, and music fans never have enough of the sunny season. If you are wondering what events top the European music scene, here are the best eight music festivals in Europe.

Tomorrowland, Belgium
Tomorrowland is on every music lover’s bucket list, sampling the best electronic music from the best worldwide. It is known for its extreme attention to detail, spectacular show staging, and an outstanding lineup that attracts quite a crowd. The festival takes place in July every year in Boom, Belgium, some 20 miles north of the capital, Brussels. It was first held in 2005 and has grown into a global marvel.

Glastonbury Festival, UK
Glastonbury is among the world’s most renowned performing arts festivals embracing all genres. Fans are served an exciting, life-changing weekend with an incredible lineup that keeps getting hotter every year. Melomaniacs flock to the south England town of Pilton in June every year, with over 200,000 in attendance. The festival is a worldwide wonder that tickets sell out very fast, so it is easier to book accommodation for the festival late than to get a ticket days before the event. 

Exit Festival, Serbia
Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad is considered one of the best event venues in the world. This award-winning Serbian festival, held annually during summer at the Petrovaradin Fortress, treats fans to a four-day-long musical delight with spectacular stage setups and exhilarating performances from some of the world’s most prominent artists and DJs. In short, this is one of Europe’s hottest summer music festivals. You cannot afford to miss it.

AMF, Netherlands
Also known as the Amsterdam Music Festival, AMF has grown to become EDM’s main festival, with performances from the biggest names in dance music. The one-night event takes place in October in Jogan Cruijiff Arena, the largest stadium in Amsterdam, to accommodate the 70,000 plus EDM royalties from all over Europe and the world. Dance the night away as you enjoy the best dance music from a perfectly curated lineup and a playlist from top-performing EDM DJs. 

Sziget Festival, Hungary
The Sziget festival is a magical music fest held on Obuda Island, right at the heart of Budapest. The 5-day festival attracts over 550,000 music fans from over 70 countries to witness over a thousand performances from the best of pop, rock, and indie music. Summer in Hungary has never been the same for almost three decades, and this grand multicultural festival improves yearly.

Time Warp, Germany
Time Warp is Germany’s flagship event held in Mannheim every year. For nearly three decades, the festival has treated electronic and techno music lovers with groundbreaking performances from the best in the techno music scenes. However, the 2022 edition of the Time Warp Festival was cancelled due to COVID-19 but is set to be back, bigger and better, in 2023.

Isle of Wight Festival, UK
The festival is a headline hitter, with its founders looking to change the face of festival cultures through the event. The festival features an insane lineup of legendary artists and has been on for over 50 years seeking to pay homage to its history.

Openair Frauenfeld, Switzerland
Openair Frauenfeld festival is one for the books. It takes place in the Swiss city attracting over 130,000 event goers since 1985. This is the largest open-air event in Switzerland and the most significant hip-hop music festival in Europe. Revellers can purchase camping or day tickets as the event is held in a secure nature reserve in Frauenfeld.

Final Thoughts
These are some of Europe’s most fancied music festivals, and tickets sell out days beforehand. Get your 2023 summer groove early enough by purchasing tickets to these magical events in advance.